Young Poet: Jane Yarnell

Jane Yarnell is a 1st year student at St. Andrews University studying Sustainable Development. In addition to writing, she enjoys walking, running, art, photography, and finding interesting plants.


A day of joyful, straightforward creation,
preparation for the week ahead.

bread and jam for the week and
lamb curry for lunch fill the kitchen with thick scents and
gentle messages
“I want you here” “I love you” “I appreciate you”

The evening looms large in the day, a chance
to stop and rest and eat the delicious fruits of the day’s
bread and jam becomes dessert because fresh bread is
better soon, this moment, this second,

And day passes into night, and starts over again.


Today I decided
to collect silence.

I closed the early morning calm
in a milk jug

I put the afternoon,
heavy and grey, in a jam jar

I took the little box
sitting on my desk from
some long-forgotten package
and closed it – thunk!

around a drawing breath.

And I took my silences
and hid them safe
in the back of a drawer

to open when the world is loud again.

Campfire Night

Flashlights off
the dark sits thick
and warm, a blackout-curtain blanket

The fire starts small
a few embers, glowing
like jewels in the ash.

Bigger, bigger
it blossoms, crackling
filling the quiet night.

A log crashes
through the burning pile
settling into a soft bed of char.

Silence. someone speaks,
and a tale spins out
between orange-tinted lips
and the dark is less dark.

Time rolls back, centuries blend.
Forever is here, in the dark
by the fire.