Acumen is non-profit with no paid staff. We could always use a hand; we can’t promote poetry reading and appreciation without your help. Whether it’s donating to keep the magazine costs down (we still have to pay for printing and postage and paper etc) or helping us to promote Acumen and poetry to local groups, on the internet or organising Acumen events or readings, you will have a permanent impact on our goal of widening appreciation and love of great poetry and literature.

Volunteer to host an Acumen event: If you have experience of running events and are a current subscriber, we would appreciate help to organise Acumen events up and down the country. The event would need to be focussed on readings by poets from that region who are in recent issues, and should be run as non-profit. Unfortunately, we can’t provide resources for these events. If you have Zoom experience, you could offer to help with our online events.

Volunteer to promote Acumen: If you are able to raise awareness of Acumen or even encourage local libraries, universities or others to subscribe to Acumen (we know it’s often difficult for libraries too) please do let us know your thoughts.

We are not looking for volunteers to read submitted work, and any proposed articles or poems should be submitted as explained here.