Guest Poem by Avaughan Watkins

Avaughan Watkins lives and teaches in Shropshire, England. Previously, she studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Chester University and won the Harold Oakley prize for poetry. She is a new mother and takes much of her writing inspiration from nature."

The Beekeeper

She is veiled, white gowned,
holding by its neck
a metal rooster that clucks with smoke.
Under the cottage cheese blossom
there’s a fae circle of wooden homes.
With a gloved hand
she snaps the propolis
under the gabled roof; a behemoth bride
revealing a giant’s causeway of honeycomb
capped with cream,

a trove of bees
and some sing like coins.
She scrapes away old wax chalices
and eventually finds her queen –
her autumn pinecone back
her embroidered, onyx eyes.

When she returns, I kiss her lips
and feel the chant of their wings
I smell the sleeping ash
and taste the sweetness of gold.