Guest Poem by Bert Molsom

Bert Molsom retired early to become an apprentice poet, understanding such apprenticeships never end! His work has appeared in Acumen, Anthropocene, Dust Poetry, Fenland Poetry Journal, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Prole, Sarasvati and The Ekphrastic Review (USA)

Inside the house

I am safe, all I want is here.
These people tell me –
what I think is right.
They are my family, think like me,
speak like me, behave like me.

Outside it doesn’t work
as my family say it must.
Outside is danger, weakness.
We know what is right,
the ignorant don’t understand.

Inside, our light is always on,
outside, it stays dark.
We take our own light
when we step outside
our walls.

The house grows
as more family arrives,
come in to the light,
bringing their strength
to increase ours.

We protect ourselves,
show the outsiders the truth,
by the strength of our actions.