Guest Poem by Carla Scarano D’Antonio

Carla Scarano D’Antonio lives in Surrey with her family. She obtained her Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Lancaster University and has published her creative work in various magazines and reviews. Alongside Keith Lander, Carla won the first prize of the Dryden Translation Competition 2016 for their translations of Eugenio Montale’s poems. Her short collection Negotiating Caponata was published in July 2020. She worked on a PhD on Margaret Atwood’s work at the University of Reading and graduated in April 2021.

Words are good

‘Words dry and riderless’, Sylvia Plath, ‘Words’

The echo of the inexpressible
appears among lines
carving what I don’t know yet
configuration of signs.

Are words good enough?
We feel to use them literally.
What’s my pleasure in using words?
I encounter them on a journey

of recovery,
reimagining the past
in a memoir of self-discovery
turning at last

to the bottom of the pool