Guest Poem by Chiara Salomoni

Chiara Salomoni’s poems appear on several online journals including Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution website. Her poems have been published in Acumen, Poetry Salzburg, PRS Review, New Humanist and more. Her translations of poems by Andrea Zanzotto and by Corrado Govoni appear online in The High Window and the Wild Court, and in Poem, the Rialto and New Humanist. She is a member of poetry pf and of Second Light. ( ). This poem is from Acumen 107.


Sheltered by young cypresses
and thick-leaved olive trees,
a plum tree stands in my family garden.

The knobby branches hold clusters
of round, juicy plums in summer
so heavy they twist. The smiling crop

persists for a month at least;
the taste is so sweet, it enhances
the strength of the gods. It invites

humans, bees, birds to its feast,
the lonely butterflies to swing
among teardrop-shaped leaves.

The old trunk sustains
the plant’s abundance
from its northern side. It is hollow

behind, where the wood has gone
to the sky – in my heart –
to make the harp for my father

who planted the tree a lifetime ago.