Guest Poem by Colin Pink

Colin Pink lives in London and co-chairs the Barnes & Chiswick Poetry Stanza. His poems have appeared in a wide range of magazines. His most recent collection is Typicity (2021, Dempsey & Windle). He was shortlisted for the Live Canon Poetry Collection prize 2022 and highly commended in the Poetry Society Stanza Competition 2023. He posts on Instagram @colinpinkpoet.


I lie awake at night
the ghost-of-myself paces the city
gets on and off buses
hurries through turnstiles
pauses to look in shop windows
gives a beggar a coin
just stands in the street for no reason
raises suspicion from passers-by
hurries ahead again
enters the Underground, boards a train,
sits staring at the ads opposite
gets up, gets off, exits the station,
goes into Pret, buys a coffee,
finds it too hot, forgets to drink it,
dumps it in a bin
the ghost-of-myself leaves a trace
across the city streets, slick with light,
like a snail’s silver-slime-trail
inscribing the hieroglyphs
of my personal psychogeography
that no one reads, not even me,
my eyes have looked but not seen
my mind has thought and then forgotten
but the cameras see everything,
remember everything, sift the evidence.