Guest Poem by David Seddon

David is from Liverpool and works as a counsellor in Cheshire. He’s appeared in Agenda, Poetry Salzburg Review, Poems in the Waiting Room, Antiphon, Poetry Scotland, The Interpreter’s House, Northwords Now, Lighten Up Online, Ink Sweat and Tears and anthologies including Sculpted, Poetry of the North West and Earth Love. He’s a landscape photographer and counselling blogger. He’s worked as a teacher, on an Arts Festival and for the Royal Navy. He has recently submitted for his first collection. This poem is from Acumen 107.


This is a note to say I’ve arrived
in Nowhere-next-the-Sea,
I’ve dumped the baggage overboard
but sent you back the key.

Hang out the washing on the cliffs,
flap and wave the cloth;
skiffs will flex their ribs and strakes –
embrace the water’s wash.

Sun shall rake through tattered flax,
unfurl a curling sail –
the wake has swirled around the bay,
is foaming at the wall;

the silent shoals are bladder-strung,
shrill shale takes the song;
the mermaid sinks and lolls her tail
and rolls her sea-pink tongue.

While mists and salts sit on the air
I’ll wear nothing but the sea.
When the wind blows up, I will return –
Listen. Call to me.