Guest Poem by Douglas Cole

Douglas Cole published six poetry collections and the novel The White Field, winner of the American Fiction Award. His work has been anthologized in Best New Writing, Bully Anthology and Coming Off The Line. He was awarded the Leslie Hunt Memorial prize in poetry, the Editors’ Choice Award for fiction by RiverSedge, and has been nominated three time for a Pushcart and seven times for Best of the Net. His website is

The Lighthouse Keeper

In this season he knows
we are smaller than wind,
as the storm blast sings
through the boarded glass.

He opens his door
to the sting and stab of rain,
making his way as he leans
under the arc-lamp light.

In the radio house he listens
to distress codes a ship sends,
signals coming from the black
mouth of the obliterating sea.

No one can help them.
He can’t respond but by prayer
and the light he throws
to every soul out there.