Young Poet: Emily VanPelt

I am currently a high school student from a small town in Michigan. I like reading, writing, and all things to do with other worlds.


I didn’t spend 9 months in your womb, growing into a creation of my own
I wasn’t the result of your great love story, but of one unknown

You didn’t feel the emotion when the second line appeared
There were no tears of joy and no little kicks that you endeared

When you first looked at me, there was no resemblance between us
I was another woman’s child that would only, all day and night, fuss

Yet, regardless, you loved me as your own and for me; you always followed through
And now when I look in the mirror into my eyes, all I see is you.


How long must a girl
for a little white rabbit?
When will she see
a world
That exceeds the mundane?

Every chapter
Every page
Another life,
Another way
To escape into a land
where her dreams
come true.

How long must a girl
for a shooting star?
When will she see
an emerald city
that takes her breath away?

Every heartache
Every scream
Another reason,
Another means
To escape into a land
that has a
happily ever after.

The Definition of War 

Standing on a hill
with the sun setting,
throwing shades of warmth
across the blue.
Taming the terror of those ready to die.

A cry raging in the distance.
Bodies charging forward
with their heads held high
and their fear held low.

Miles away
A man sits
In a velvet robe.