Guest Poem by George Davey

Currently studying 'Creative Writing' at Brunel University London, George started writing poetry in September last year. He has published a short story in Phi Magazine and is currently writing a fantasy novel. This poem is from Acumen 107.

Goldilocks and the three percent inflation rate

Three bowls of porridge
all differing in sizes,
her silver spoon rises
to her
rosy red lips.
She sips.
She gulps.
She convulses.

Porridge icy
like her harsh moral code.
Three skinny bears,
return to their humble abode.

Fur ragged and
bodies haggard. They spot
half-eaten breakfast
on the table top side.
Gloopy tears trickle from their burgundy eyes as
baby bear cries and he cries.

Too weak to punish the girl in
the bed, their survival hangs by a
wire thin thread.
All three wishing for a more forgiving
cost of living.