Guest Poem by Hilary Hares

Hilary Hares’ poems appear widely online and in print. She has also won or been placed in a number of competitions. She has a Poetry MA from MMU and her collection, A Butterfly Lands on the Moon supports Winchester Muse. Her latest pamphlet, Red Queen, is available from Marble Poetry. Website:

Daily Bread

Based on the words of a Ukranian farmer,
5 March 2022

We grow the wheat,
give it, for free,
to the men who
drive the lorries.

The men who
drive the lorries
deliver it, for free,
to the bakers of Kyiv.

The bakers of Kyiv
bake it, for free,
into bread for those
hiding in the bunkers.

In return, those hiding
in the bunkers
pass back their hope.