Guest Poem by Kenneth Steven

Kenneth Steven is first and foremost a poet, though he’s widely published as a writer generally. His newest volume of poems ‘Seeing the Light’ appeared from Canterbury Press in autumn 2023. A book of his essays on the wild world entitled ‘Pilgrimages’ is published recently by Saraband. This poem is from Acumen 107.


One of the first things I can remember:
being lifted by my father high to see the geese.
It was late at night in mid-November:
the days so short, fields beginning to freeze.
Now I live close to the sea in the west –
small hills and lochs, and birds on every side;
so many voices calling without rest
that often the house becomes a kind of hide.
And the geese. All day and all night they call –
crossing the fields, coming down on the pond;
voices haunting early dawn as still they rise.
Father, can you hear them? Through that strange wall
to the next world? You who gave me this bond
with geese, do you see them now with new eyes?