Guest Poem by Lisa Lopresti

Lisa (she/her) is a poet from the ship-shape, statue-toppling City of Bristol. Her poems have been published in anthologies and magazines such as Ink, Sweat and Tears, Dreich & Erbacce Journal. She is a member of Stanza & the Satellite of Love team providing spoken word events and has featured on local BBC radio. Lisa’s poetry pamphlet ‘Bird Song and Nectar in the Silences’ is described as having poems that are ‘sensual; they sing with positivity’.

Dreary Pavements and Roads

In the dusky afternoon traffic
of a grey tarmac day
an urban fox stands by
a zebra crossing, military still.

The fox’s coat is
a scotch bonnet spice
to the drone of the day
peppering flavour to the scene.

Her brush-tailed rush
across the crossing stripes
is a slash of surprise
and elegant motion.

So alive, awake,
she alights on dancer’s feet.
A wild spirit who sees
and is often not seen.

No one slips as silent
as she, hunting hedgerow mice
and night -black bags,
crunching small bones.