Young Poet: Mrityunjay Dixit

M. Jay Dixit is a 21-year-old engineering undergrad and aspiring poet from Bhopal, India. His poems have appeared in Sage Cigarettes Magazine, Terror House Magazine and The Drabble. He loves cruising around on his motorbike and listening to Rolling Stones. He has a poetry blog and he tweets over at @mjaydixit

This is Not a Mobile Phone

It is me escaping
never being in love with a girl
or always being made fun of in school
because of an ugly mole on my nose
by becoming Harry Potter
or Pennywise the Clown or Tarzan
under my night-blanket
with my eyes trained on the screen,
jumping in excitement in the bright light.

It is me running in the mornings
listening to my favourite songs on repeat.
My mind wandering in the subterranean world
where poems are hidden
like precious artifacts waiting to be dug up.

It is me,
my nose bandaged
and numb from anaesthetic
taking a photo eating ice cream
after the mole removal surgery.

It is me chuckling on a train
and getting embarrassed
after realizing I am sitting next to someone
who is crying.

It is me escaping
the fear of making new friends
by talking to people I’ll never get to meet.

This is also me
turning to

In Your Eyes

In your eyes lies the sea, so blue
Your eyes, like the sea, so blue
In your eyes lies ecstasy, so blue
Your eyes, I like to see, so blue.

I see the sea sigh in your eyes, so blue
Your Sea Eyes rise me high in skies, so blue
And when I am down in deep despair, oh so blue
I drown deep inside those blue eyes of you.

Visual Caffeine

The lustre
of your coffee brown eyes

The warm incense
of your soft body

The bright exuberance
of your contagious smile

The sweet caress
of your scarlet lips

They eagerly caffeinate
my mornings and nights.