New status for Acumen

As you might have read in the editorial, Acumen has now become Independently Funded.  We have a few Friends and Sponsors who are backing the magazine and in the coming months we aim to have an Acumen International Poetry Competition and also Friends of Acumen whereby readers and poets can support us with small sums.  The reason for this is due to having our funding application turned down by the Arts Council on the grounds that we our relationship with the community, reading public etc. isn’t done the way they are looking for.  After sweating over four long applications, the editors decided that time could be better spent on promoting good poetry, encouraging emerging talent and taking the many good poems received by Acumen into new realms.

Do please continue to support us with your subscriptions to the magazine which is still the same price. Also look out for news about the Friends Scheme and also the new competition.  We have appreciated your support over the years and thank you for it sincerely.