Acumen 109 – May 2024


Dive into a captivating world of poetry with Acumen 109 for a rich and diverse exploration of contemporary poetry, including 120 pages of original works, translations, articles, tributes, and critical commentary. It features a myriad of new work by talented poets such as Kathleen McPhilemy, Chris Athorne, Wendy Webb, Sue Hubbard, Neil Beardmore, Lola Haskins, L.B. Jørgensen, David McCorkindale, Kathryn Kimball, Peter Robinson, Beth Junor, Jeremy Page, Clifford Liles, Alex Wong, Edmund Prestwich, Jeremy Page, Adam Cairns, Tony Hargreaves, Bethany Pope, Matt Gilbert, Michael Henry and many more. Discover new poetry in translation, featuring works by Wáng Wēi, Marina Tsvetaeva, Boris Pasternak, Miguel de Cervantes, Rainer Maria Rilke and others, transporting you across borders and time.
Read about Semyon Lipkin in ‘The Sound and Vision of a ‘Noiseless Poet’, and journey through the profound landscapes of Ruth Bidgood’s Poetry and explore the pastoral poetry of Edward Storey. Delve into insightful reviews and commentary that offer fresh perspectives on the art and craft of poetry.