Acumen 88 – May 2017



Poems: Sarah Stovell, Jill Boucher, William Oxley, Terry Quinn, Richard Weiser, Mike Smith, Lynda Plater,
Chris Hardy, Tim Cunningham.

Interview –with Martina Evans.

Poems: Martin Burke, Stephen Capus, Steve Xerri, Adura Ojo, Philip Dunn, India Russell, Gill Learner.

Poetry, You Know It When You See It – Andrew Knight.

Poems: David Pollard, P.R.McCafferty, Caroline Carver, Veronica Aaronson, Jacob Lotinga,
Jessica Traynor, Camilla Lambert.


Poems: Susan Taylor, Jenny Hamlett, Gill Learner, John Torrance, Lynne Hjelmgaard, Lynne Wycherley,
Michael Henry.

A New Romanticism for the 21st Century ‒S.A.Joyce.

Poems Leah Fritz, Wendy French, Phil Vernon, Marion McGauhy, J.S. Watts, Gordon Scapens,
Émile Nelligan – James & Shona Deahl.

Poetry from the Japanese ‒Masayo Gôshi.

Poets: Once You Can Write, Please Learn to Read ‒ Roger Harvey.

Poems: Barbara Cumbers, Lyn Lifshin, Myra Schneider, Jade Wallace, Susan Jordan, Kitty Donnelly,
Deborah Moffatt, Emily Wills, Helen Ashley.

Reviews: Nigel Jarrett, Edmund Prestwich, Fred Beake, Malcolm Bradley, Leah Fritz.

Poetry Comment.

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