Guest Poem by Samantha Carr

Samantha thought she didn't like poetry until she completed an MA in Creative Writing at Plymouth University and found a new form of creative expression beyond flash fiction. Her work has been published in various magazines and she was a highly commended runner up for the 2020 Causley International Poetry Prize. She is a member of the Plymouth based Women's Writer's Group, Good Vibrations whose work aims to promote women's voices within the local community.

Moon Landing

Some say that it was a hoax,
but I remember every moment
of when The Men arrived. They
set down their craft upon my
soft craters. No permission
to land requested. Claimed me
as though a flag could limit
the gravity of my moonlight. A
crescent shaped teardrop, as
they took small steps across my
skin. Creeping, entering and taking
pleasure in knowing that they
were on me. The scars remain
although they blasted off as quick
as they came. My orbit wary of
incoming as they watch me at night.