Guest Poem by Sandra Fulton

Sandra Fulton is of Irish/Welsh extraction. She grew up in London, and spent several years in Australia, where her daughter was born. She now lives in France, where she runs a small B&B. She has had work published in The French Literary Review.


I have come to talk to you
Because the days draw in
And because I can hear the sea – The distant, long sigh of it.
I hear the gull-cry.
But mostly, I hear the sea.

And, farthest of all, the thunder
The ominous deep dirge of it:
A shape on the mind’s horizon,
The drumming of a dream-rider.
But it is coming.

So I have come to talk to you
Of the days that run downhill
With the rain-seasons to the sea,
And of the road that follows.
You must understand.