Guest Poem by Terry Quinn

Terry Quinn was an NHS Medical Engineer. ‘The Amen of Knowledge’ (Indigo Dreams Publishing) won the Geoff Steven’s Memorial Prize 2012. His collection with Julie Maclean ‘To Have To Follow’ 2016 and his ‘Notes on the Causes of the Third World War’ 2021 were published by IDP. His poems have been published widely, broadcast and displayed on a Guernsey bus. He organizes Damson Poets and watches football anywhere.

The Doppler Effect

is me standing still
the sound of my heart
to the sound of her voice
calling my name
as she runs up the path
to hand me an ultrasound
I’d left on her ward

is me standing
my heart still
as we talk
for a few minutes
about transducers
and the right type of gel
the sound of voices
completely at ease

is me standing still
as she races away
late for her break
my heart sinking
as I hear my voice calling
shall I buy the teas
and she calls back
I thought you’d never ask.