Guest Poem by D. A. Hickman

D.A. (Daisy) Hickman, a dedicated student of society and culture, is a contemporary poet who loves to explore the complexities of the human condition. Hickman's collection, Ancients of the Earth: Poems of Time, was published in 2017. Her poetry has been featured by Oakwood Journal, Red Coyote Journal, Words & Whispers, Pasque Petals, South Dakota Magazine, Braided Way Magazine, North Dakota Quarterly. Poet website/blog @ This poem is from Acumen 107.

The Dreamer’s Song

We wish, we worry, we long to conquer things,
but is the world stage ours to impose on like

perpetual star gazers, never satisfied or content
with a spinning planet that needs our care?

What is it about the wild storm inside? Fuelling
our edginess, we seldom look below impetuous feet

to notice the ground that nourishes with food, beauty,
colour, intrigue, adventure, and, yes, survival. Bogged

down in myriad issues, doom and gloom prophecies,
some spew frustration and angst in their wake like

fearful creatures clambering for the spotlight. But a
fresh and generous outlook could turn things around:

bring the world into graceful balance until it resembled
an elegant slow dance.