Guest Poem by Kevin Kiely

Kevin Kiely, Poet, Critic, Author; PhD (UCD) in the Patronage of Poetry at the Edward Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University; W. J. Fulbright Scholar in Poetry, Washington (DC); M. Phil., in Poetry, Trinity College (Dublin); Hon. Fellow in Writing., University of Iowa; Patrick Kavanagh Fellowship Award in Poetry; Bisto Award Winner.

Shall I Compare Thee to a Winter’s Day

Thank you, Will Shakespeare

shall I compare thee to a winter’s day
thou art more cold and icy than the snows
rough words come clanging as the pay
off, red hot anger in your face shows

season’s sun as frozen; that’s your lot –
nor your eyes ever named like stars
the listener must recoil at every shot –
gentle rain descends in lashing spars

explicit rage engorges your infernal
wrath and accusations that persist –
the blame is written in eternal
laws. Can none of this be kissed

away, the leafless, bud-less tree stakes
pale skies, blood-red thunderous quake