Guest Poem by Doris Corti

Doris, Londoner by birth, developed her love of poetry whilst reading it and studying in air raid shelters during WW2. Now in her 93rd year and visually impaired still writes. Vice President of SWWJ, published in poetry magazines, 5 collections, several anthologies. Doris retired to Yorkshire and from her regular poetry column in Writing magazine. She wrote their poetry home study course, a text book (Writing Poetry) and recently a mini memoir (Muffins for tea). Currently leads a local poetry group.

Through the window

Early morning, a small glimpse
of cobalt blue, light
through a veil of mist
and glint of pearl on frosty paths.

Silver tipped, the larches gleam
in this white light. Strong impression
of the sky widening;

here and there tints of mauve,
a flush of pink. This light unwraps
and colours shimmer
small kaleidoscopes of joy.

Not quite gold, a streak,
a curve of cadmium yellow
and the day begins.