Guest Poem by Michael Henry

Michael Henry has had five collections published and is hoping to bring out a sixth next year, ten years after his last one, Bureau of the Lost and Found, with Five Seasons Press.

The Brownfields of England

This “Go-Between” of a summer
the heatwave’s a marque
and hours and days repeat themselves
          like a slo-mo film.

This chameleon summer
a hare jogging in a field
turns out to be a man
          with his shirt off.

This unclean summer
rivers leave a low tidemark
and trees are barbered to a blister
          in the drought.

This voluptuous summer
a man in a wide-brimmed sunhat
sits companionably with his rucksack
          eating his lunch.

This high-kindling of a summer
boats are parched in dry dock,
a bird flapping its wings sounds
          like a match being struck.

This summer of thermometers
the sky is an unbreakable blue
and an umbrella tries in vain
          to black-out the sun.

This jigsaw of a summer
we try to make sense of the pieces
of the sun’s crazy paving
          in the dried-up mud.