Guest Poem by Richard Lister

Richard Lister draws you into stories of intriguing characters, images and places. In his recent collection, 'Edge & Cusp', his poems ‘capture life like a vibrant painting, giving you the time to examine and ponder the hues of existence in all its beauty and tragedy’. His work is carved into the Radius sculpture and published in twelve international magazines. He coaches leaders to bring life-giving transformation in the UK, Asia and Africa.

Turner’s flight

Fishermen at sea, 1796 by JMW Turner

As a youth he learned
how watercolours spill
through canvas grain and weight,
now oils shiver in his hands.
He paints the waves
clear enough to glow

yet with such thump and throw
that they could snap apart
these men upon the rocks
or upturn their craft and fill their throats:
it’s a hungry skill to steer at night
and grasp the fish to string out life.

Four fishermen, hunkered in their boat,
sodden, sullen, red-raw hands yanking
at a rope or deftly parting guts
and flesh, sail unaware across
the starting line of Turner’s flight
from solid land to paint with light, just light.