Acumen 108 – January 2024


Acumen 108 spans 120 pages and offers a rich tapestry of poetry, prose, and reviews. The issue features both prominent and emerging poets including: Colin Pink, Wendy MacIntyre, Tom Harding, Dinah Livingstone, Colin Bancroft, Jock Stein, Stella Hervey Birrell, Stephen Boyce, Jeanette Burney, Ágnes Cserháti, Deborah H. Doolittle, Ian Glass, Jemma L King, Orlaine McDonald, Chris Powici, Richard Schiffman and many more. Poetry in Translation with the work Ricarda Huch, translated by Timothy Adès. Special Features include: Prometheus Unbound: Philip Dunkerley delves into the enduring relevance of the poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley, reflecting on its significance and impact; Duncan Forbes explores the work of Gerda Mayer, focusing on her poem ‘Make Believe’; and David Perman sheds light on the relationship between Bridges and Hopkins and their roles as critical friends in the world of poetry.

Poems: Christine Griffin, Colin Pink, Wendy MacIntyre, Tom Harding, Nazaret Ranea, Orlaine McDonald, Bert Molsom, Duncan Wu, Fred Beake, Jan Owen
Prometheus Unbound – The Continuing Relevance of the Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley – Philip Dunkerley
Poems: Jenny Hamlett, Alamgir Hashmi, Dinah Livingstone, Colin Bancroft, Jock Stein, Doris Corti, Kushal Poddar, Isabel Miles, Sam Cassels, Michael Jennings, Louise Walker, Chris Powici, Dinah Livingstone, Sue Moules, Michael Tanner, Richard Schiffman, Christine Selwyn, Philip Wexler, Don Rodgers, Josh Geffin, Margaret Wilmot, David Hay, Myra Schneider
Gerda Mayer: ‘Make Believe’ – Duncan Forbes
Poems: Denise Bennett, Bridget Khursheed, Jane Newberry, Neil Elder, Janet Dean, Sandra Fulton, Edith Speers, Robin Lindsay Wilson, Stella Hervey Birrell, David Harmer, Gill Learner
Poetry in Translation: Ricarda Huch (Timothy Adès)
Poems: Tim Dwyer, Stephen Boyce, Ágnes Cserháti, Huw Gwynn-Jones, Deborah H. Doolittle, Adam Rooke, Matthew Smith, Wilf Deckner, Jan FitzGerald, Christian Ward, Kris Spencer, Simon Haines, Nicholas McGaughey, Ian Glass, Jeanette Burney, Rizwan Akhtar
Bridges and Hopkins: The Critical Friend – David Perman
Poems: Trish Harewood, Peter Bakowski, Geoffrey Winch, Lara Frankena, Laurie Eaves, Jason Irwin, Kathy Miles, Elizabeth Davies, Ursula Kelly, Ian Glass, Josh Geffin, Osita James Uche, John Kucera
Poems: Blossom Hibbert, Ray Malone, Wynn Wheldon, Kate Behrens, Denise Bennett, Sheila Spence, Martin Zarrop, Dorothy Pope, Rowena Warwick, Louise Walker, Jayant Kashyap, Jemma L. King, Terry Quinn, Kevin Graham
Reviews: Kathryn Southworth, Edmund Prestwich, Stephen Miller, Susan Mackervoy, Colin Pink, Kathleen McPhilemy, Glyn Pursglove
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