Guest Poem by Robin Lindsay Wilson

Robin was born in South Australia of Scottish parents. He is a lecturer in Acting and Performance at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. He is an award-winning playwright, poet and theatre director. His educational drama books are used in training programmes across the UK. Cinnamon Press has published three collections of his poetry – Ready Made Bouquets, Myself and Other Strangers and Backstage in Paradise. His work has appeared in many magazines and journals, including, The Rialto, Magma, Brittle Star, The Journal, Orbis, South, Dream Catcher and The Salzburg Review

Love and Quantum Theory

Nerve end memories of you flicker
until the light from so many daybreaks
dissolves the searching iris and lens
and my flesh edges from its purpose
revealing basic bone and mineral.

How do we promise everlasting love
when only sockets in skulls remain
to gaze at tiny shifts in tectonic time?

In a chaotic life of luck and petty spasm
you offer no alternative philosophy
to faces becoming mud and fertilizer.

But when stars exchange law for law,
when filaments and endorphins burn
through the imagination of physics
and time and space and mass conflate,
you promise we will find each other.

Despite irrefutable evidence and logic,
regardless of advancing spite and dark,
for one moment of my lying lifetime
I believe in the constant force of you
beyond all the equations of nature.