Guest Poems

We love to read your poetry and, even though we receive over 1,000 poems per month, we always take time to read every single one.

A few of the poems we especially enjoyed and which were selected for publication in our Journal are reprinted below.

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Guest Poems

Sue Wallace-Shaddad

Sue Wallace-Shaddad


Lazing on the table
strung out with a casual loop
it could be someone’s noose
the knot ready to slip tighter
around a waiting neck
                                            but let’s be accurate
it’s green, made of jute
and will serve to tie back roses
bristling hairs catching on thorns
then again it could be something else
a joyous balloon caught in the wind
                                            tail streaming out behind.

Adam Cairns

Adam Cairns

Abandoned When the A-Road Was Built

How do you find St David’s church?
You must search.

It is here, but lies abandoned?
Look beyond.

I see towns, the heavy traffic.
Take your pick.

Its loneliness makes my heart sick.
All progress has its consequence.
And our children’s inheritance?
You must search. Look beyond. Take your pick.

More Guest Poems

Neil Beardmore

Cave Paintings, Onuke Kundi,Near Hampi, India Boulders of granite tossed intumbling piles around a flat oasisof date palms hold the plateausafe from intrusion. Camouflaged by the earth’s ochre,a bulge of rock with deer,where men, no longer sticks with sticks,come to...

Kathryn Kimball

The Ghost Magnolia in commemoration of the opening of the National Memorial forPeace and Justice, Montgomery, Alabama, April 2018 Give me a ladder to climbthe ghost magnoliaon the corner of Pleasant Avenueto sit there with the sweet fragranceof the foot-wide blossoms...

Lola Haskins

The Perch The glacier on which I stand has become an island.Blue and white as the insides of clouds, it calvesinto the sea which is no longer ice, and the newbeings, the calves, sink slowly, but they sink. The glacier on which I stand is a mystery in whichI used to...

Peter Robinson

Evening Primrose You call me out as the light goesto watch our evening primroselemon-yellow petals splay. With more rain threatened for the weekend,sun come and gone all day,getting ahead of itself againcan a summer remember its springtime?Is it welcoming of autumn?...

Jeanette Burney

The Discoverer Undiscovers 1948 Explorers take a trip to discover Antarctica.They take their leave of household chores.They take boats.They take cameras.Then they take white stretches of Antarctic iceonto film. Adventurers take trips too,to get away from home, and...

Geoffrey Winch

Walter Palmer (from Encounters with Oscar) plays painters parties poets –Oscar’s social round never ceasing Ernest Dowson, Aubrey Beardsleyand always Reggie and Robbie fascination of the fond-ofand the influential Lillie Langtry, Henry Irvingand always Reggie and...

Tim Dwyer

After Chang Chi-Ho These twenty years of banishmentbecame a gift. Though it is saidI fled from the world, here I found it – my beloved, the moon,my friend, the sea,my shelter, the sky. I wake to the welcomeof dawn’s open doorand the gull’s spirit call. I didn’t flee...

Jan FitzGerald

Sky Goodbye I didn’t see you at the funeral.You weren’t there.I believe you escaped in a shaft of lightstreaming through the stained glass window,before the organist went all stops outand speakers leant too long on the pulpit —as far away as possible from all that...

Denise Bennett

Speaking to my Dead Mother What are we doing here in this station tearoom?We’ve slipped back sixty years.You’re wearing your grey pencil-slim skirtqueuing for the buffet. Sipping tea.I’m in my pink cotton frock covered in smuts.You’d told me not to sit facing the...

Terry Quinn

The Doppler Effect is me standing stillthe sound of my heartracingto the sound of her voicecalling my nameas she runs up the pathto hand me an ultrasoundI’d left on her ward is me standingmy heart stillas we talkfor a few minutesabout transducersand the right type of...

Stephen Boyce

Perigee I have been looking to the Eastwhere they tell you everythingis illusion, nothing lasts. The night of the strawberry moon,though I saw it, I was shutteredin a windowless room. I saw you standing in a fieldwith your back to that glowing moonamong grasses,...

Bridget Khursheed

Plotting Doggerland There are farms you reveal as our plane slidestowards Amsterdam. An ex-navy surveyorof forgotten seafloor, you have seenthis obscure bombscape drilled into neolithic geography. Using a digital weather-eye,submersible and deep dive, you sometimes–...

Colin Pink

Surveillance I lie awake at nightthe ghost-of-myself paces the citygets on and off buseshurries through turnstilespauses to look in shop windowsgives a beggar a coinjust stands in the street for no reasonraises suspicion from passers-byhurries ahead againenters the...

Jemma L. King

3 Month Scan A bell curve of grey static against black.What new worlds, old suns burn here? This space, hushed, aseptic. We are sidelinerson the brink of history before her instrument as it ploughs the stars,sends galaxies and all of creation tumbling from view....

Duncan Wu

Fired Up Ruthless hot the angry August sun glaresdown upon the slope. Nothing moves. Mydog sleeps in a pool of light while I stareat a gap in the outer wall which Iwill have to fill. But not right now. With luckI can ignore it till the weather cools.This is the...