Acumen 87 – January 2017



Poems: Patrick Osada, Marc Woodward, Brenda Hutchings, Harry Guest, Duncan Forbes, Tom Murray,
Clifford Forde, Doreen Hinchliff, Keith MacFarlane, Jethro Dykes.

Interview –with Keki Deruwalla (by Shanta Acharya).

Poems: Shanta Acharya, Keki Deruwalla, Mark Haworth- Booth, Sue Spiers, Barry Smith, Luigi Coppola,
Lucy Calder, David Olsen.

Poetry, Science & the Division of Labour –Robert Griffiths.

Poems: Kathleen McPhilemy, David Hay, Roger P. Dennis, Tim Love, Donna Pucciani, Julie Whitby,
James McKee, Sue Beasley, Andrea Witzke Slot, Miranda Day.

Garden of Live Flowers – Joan Michelson.

Poems: David Ball, E.E. Jones, Wilf Deckner, Jim C. Wilson, Annie Fisher, Kathleen McPhilemy,
Alastair Llewellyn-Smith, Denise Bennett, Christopher North, Duncan Forbes.


Poetry in Translation– Hendrik Marsman (K. Kummer), Paul Verlaine (R. Barnicot),
A. Tsiakos (A. Sokkis), Zhu Jian, Zuo You (Yi Zhe), Catullus (A. Taylor).

On and Off Parnassus– William Oxley.

Poems: Simon Williams, Jennifer Johnson, Louisa Campbell, Norbert Hirschhorn, Tony Curtis,
Jeremy Robson, Sean Elliott, John Gladwell, Jeremy Wikeley, C.M. Buckland.

Reviews: Leah Fritz, Malcolm Bradley, Edmund Prestwich,
Glyn Pursglove, Fred Beake, Lucy Jeffery, Glyn Pursglove.

Poetry Comment.

Apologies for editor’s lapses in concentration:

I hang my head in shame at the two major errors which I allowed to get passed my editorial eye:

Apologies to Michael Bartholomew Biggs for referring to his excellent on-line poetry magazine as the
‘Poetry Grip’ when I know it is the ‘London Grip’. Sincere apologies, Michael, especially after you so
generously allowed me to reprint the article. Do please become acquainted with the ‘London Grip’,
it is well worth it and they don’t make stupid mistakes.

Apologies also to Jim C. Wilson. In his poem, ‘Stolpersteine’, the person remembered is ‘Herbert
Josef Rotschild’ and not Rothschild as I printed it. This poem is poem of the week for 29th
January 2017. Please do read the correct version and see why it is essential to have the correct
spelling. Sincere apologies to Jim.

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