Acumen 91 – May 2018



Poems: James Norcliffe, Susan Taylor, Mary Anne Perkins, Kathy Gee, Andy Armitage, Patrick Osada, David Callin, Ann Alexander, Anne Ballad, Kathy Gee.

Conversation – Peter Dale and William Oxley.

Poems: Myra Schneider, Shirley Bell, Clive Donovan, Gavin Collins, Edmund Prestwich, Bridget Thomasin, Cheryl Pearson, Ian Caws, Susan Sciama, Sean Street.


Poems: Elizabeth Barton, June Hall, Miki Byrne, Lynne Wycherley, Jill Boucher, Ernest O. Ogunyemi, Frances Sacket, Alwyn Marriage, Mary Anne Perkins.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Poet – S.A. Joyce.

Poems: Christine Griffin, Michael Newman, Patricia Leighton, Caroline Maldonado, Karla Van Vliet, Nigel Jarrett, Louise Wilford, Jason Irwin, Ken Taylor.

Walk Alone – a Glimpse of Tagore – Manjula Datta

Poems: Shanta Acharya, Sue Spiers, Keith McFarlane, Kathy Miles, Sally Sandler, Arthur Broomfield, Jacob Lotinga, Daichi Ishikawa, Ren Chun Ho, Simon Williams, Roy Cameron, Tim Cunningham, Matt Pitt, Gordon Scapens.

Reviews: Leah Fritz, Fred Beake, William Oxley, Glyn Pursglove, Keith McFarlane, Edmund Prestwich.

Poetry Comment: Glyn Pursglove


In Manjula Datta’s informative essay on Tagore, due to a computer error, the poem ‘Remember my song…’ only showed a couple of lines instead of the whole poem. It is such an evocative poem that the whole should be read, so here it is with apologies to Majula:

Remember my song
Amidst your happiness
When the autumn leaves were falling
The grass was dry, woodland bare
I was singing alone
My emotions voiceless
My life unsung,

Remember my song…..
Oh you day-travellers,
Remember me walking alone
In darkness of the night
Evening light in my hand,
When I heard the call from
The other side of the river
I was drifting alone in the river
In my broken boat

Remember my song…..