Tiny Disturbances


Wynn Wheldon’s poetry shows his love of words, their power, their softness, their beauty. He uses them to show his appreciation of family, places, nature humanity. He plays with them so they play on us, on our senses and emotions.

There is a diversity of subject matter in this small volume, yet through the use of the chosen words it adheres into a whole. As he says in one poem: ‘Imagination’ s all we’ve got’ and Wynn uses it as he turns the ordinary into the extra-ordinary .

Wynn Wheldon is a freelance writer. He is the author of a number of books, including The Father and Child Companion (MQP) and Porches (Barrons International) His work has appeared in the Observer, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Catholic Herald, Homes and Gardens and various other magazines and journals. He has also been a book reviewer for the Spectator.